About Bedri Consulting


Let's create teams that don't just play to win – but to dominate together.

 In an industry filled with big promises and disappointing results, our mission is simple. We aim to become the leading recruitment agency for sales organizations, where both candidates and companies are at the forefront.

Our values



Our commitment is at the core of everything we do and everything we expect. In order to assist our candidates in landing the right position, commitment and dedication are central to the process. The same applies to the companies we work with. We aim to create long-term partnerships in the sales industry, and we can guarantee that we are always committed to our goals, both for candidates and companies.



When we enter into a partnership with both companies and candidates, we are more than just a support line. We are ambassadors for both sides of the table, and our foremost task is to build matches and communication based on trust and respect. The recruitment process is always a statement of trust, and we always intend to put meaning behind our words.



We believe in the power of continuous improvement. We breathe new life into our recruitment processes by constantly challenging and rethinking the traditional and established methods. In this way, we find unique solutions and raise the bar for the industry.

You shouldn't choose us if you simply want mediocre results or a supplier to just create job ads on autopilot. Choose us if you want to collaborate with an external recruitment partner that feels like an in-house team. Specialists who have expertise specifically in the sales industry and are dedicated to elevating recruitment in your sales departments.

Yousef El-Bedri

CEO & Founder at BEDRI Consulting


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