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We are the link between ambitious candidates, and goal-oriented companies within the sales industry

With experience from more than 1,500 recruitments, we ensure a streamlined and frictionless process that is faster than you think. We are with you all the way from application to your first day on the job.

It is free, confidential, and non-binding to apply for your next sales job through us.


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It is free, confidential, and non-binding to apply for your next sales job through us.

The Recruitment Process

Step 1
Fill out our non-binding application form
The first step in our recruitment process is to answer 6 simple questions through the contact form on our website. As soon as you have submitted the form, you are registered in our recruitment system and will receive a confirmation email for your registration.

Note: Whether you are actively seeking a new position or just want to be earmarked for future positions, you have come to the right place.
Step 2
Have a chat with us about your career dreams
If there is potential for a match with a vacant position, we will contact you by phone to schedule a screening interview. During our screening, we engage in an informal dialogue about your expectations, ambitions, and desires.
20 MIN
Step 3
Attend an interview with your potential employer
If your profile matches the position, you will be invited to an interview with the relevant sales manager. During the interview, you will delve into your profile, and you will be introduced to the company and the position. After the interview, we step back and follow from the sidelines. If you have any questions or challenges at this stage of the process, we are ready to assist.
Step 4
Employment, Rejection,
and Evaluation
After a decision has been made that you and the company are a match, we are ready to follow up and evaluate the process together with you.
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Step 1
Onboarding discussion about your needs
The process starts with a dialogue, where we go through your recruitment goals, and spar about your recruitment process. The meeting is followed up with physical workshops where we review your current handling of recruitment.
Step 2
We match the right candidates with your company
Through proactive headhunting and screening of our internal candidate database, we find hyper-relevant candidates who match your needs and expectations.
Step 3
We put you in touch with your new candidates
When the right selection of candidates has been found and screened, they are put in contact with you. We are still part of the process, ensuring that both parties have a complete overview.
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For Sales Candidates

This is how we help our sales candidates navigate the industry and land their dream job.

For Sales Departments

This is how we assist sales departments in attracting competent and sought-after sales talents.

Why do our candidates succeed?

It's no coincidence that more than 86% of our candidates end up landing their dream job. It's the result of a targeted and efficient process, where we are involved every step of the way.


Targeted Onboarding

None of our candidates are alike, and that's why our process always starts with an informal dialogue about you and your ambitions. 

Here, we set the framework for your job search and align the expectations for the process.



Personal Process

When you let us help you find your next sales job, we don't just put you in contact with a company and cross our fingers that it turns into a job.

We are with you all the way from start to finish, and with direct contact to the sales director and management, we ensure that you have a complete overview throughout the entire process.


Experience and Insight

With a team driven by former salespeople with experience in sales, HR, and management, we know how the field is laid out.

We know the craft as well as it can be known, and we understand the challenges that exist on both sides of the field.


We only hope to see our candidates once

The sales industry is often a revolving door, where ideal matches between candidates and companies are few and far between. We are here to change that condition.

We believe that the greatest sales talents are created through the right recruitment, where the first choice may not always be the best. Therefore, our ambition is always to create long-term and sustainable matches between candidates and companies.

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